Monday, June 09, 2008

Picture entry of the day, since I haven't been updating any pictures.
And to you guys' disappointment,
No, no pics of blondie.
Even I, the empress gf of his only have one pathetic picture.
And I look darn ugly in that.
So no I'm not posting that up.

Neh neh ni boo boo!

I went to Swensen @ Tamp for dinner with Kailin on Friday last week.
Thought that it would be rather good, judging from rave reviews from Hiyu jie.
But I was disappointed lah.

Cheese Sticks.
So so lah.
This sorta thing better served hot.
It was half cold.
Too many customers, I guess.

Sirloin Steak.
Can do much much better.
Carnivorous Jeslene was not satisfied.

Doing some stupid camwhoring while waiting for shoes to be ordered.
I didn't buy those shoes in the end.
Cause that salesgirl pissed me off.
They didn't have my size, which is 38, and was persuding me to buy 39 instead.
I wanted to get the blue one which has my size instead actually.
I was explaining to that salesgirl why I didn't want to get size 39, slips and all...
Until that salesgirl said: "I don't know lah. I always buy my shoes bigger in a size." and turned on her heels and walked away.

Kailin and I rolled our eyes and walked away.

Ey, I buy shoes or you buy shoes.
You buy 1 size bigger, my business HUH!?

Playing with my hair.
Feel like cutting it short.
Its quite long already.

I don't want to accomplish the Huihui-Hair standard lah.
Told baby I might wanna cut my hair on Sunday.
He was like, Huh now ah?
Crazy baby.

Speaking of blondie,
being the crazy monkey he was,
He almost wanted to drag me into the men's toilet for some privacy.
I happened to walk pass him after he messaged me that.
I shook my phone at him, and gave him that "You are crazy" look.

He grinned.
I have a horny bf.

Changed place in my office.
Here's the view, facing the cargo area and the seaaaaaaaaaaaaa.
I wanna head to the beach laaaaaaaaaaaaah!
No, not here, I mean, Sentosa. HAHA.

My dear colluege, Yan Lin.
She's very cute!
Me love her =D

And she's one of the few who saw blondie in human hahahah.
Perks of working in my office,
You get all my gossips fresh =P

Not angry with blondie anymore.
Miss him too much to get angry.
That "I miss you" totally ate up the "wtf" mood.
Yeah, I'm still besotted.
Machiam blinded lah, me.

Waiting for him to get home now.
Workaholic blondie's phone batt is flat.
So I shall wait for him to call.

But I'm slpy.

...I don't feel like working.

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