Sunday, June 01, 2008

I wondered, if I was being fooled around.

I am putty in his hands.


All my darlings warned me,
yes they did.
So did myself, my heart, my brain.
They say, you better not fall for it.

But now that I did.
I feel like a desperate.

Will I see him tonight?
If not...

Will I see him tomorrow?

From the moment I was told that he couldn't make it today,
I expected the answers, all of them to be no.
No I don't think I will see him today.
Or tomorrow.

Or anytime else.
Until I send in requests for them to come by again.

He say, please don't be angry, are you angry?
I say I am not, just disappointed.
I want to see you, he said, can I come by your side tonight?
I still want to see you, even for a while.
If not, tomorrow, I will come by your office, even for 5 mins.
I still want to see you.
But do I? Do I want to see you?

I knew it, man.
For now I shall not put much hope into it.
I'll see.

I'll see.

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