Thursday, June 05, 2008

I've watched Narnia: Prince Caspian!
I can say, its worthed the 7bucks.
Soonwai and Kailin are my temporary BFs for the day (so reported to the real bf)
Great company they were.
My gosh, I was trembling in the cold but the movie was so good, I forgot about it.
When I stood up after the movie ended, my knees almost gave way haha.

Go watch it man, people!
Prince Caspian is sorta cute =P

I got home pretty late last evening.
The familiar distance between home and I was so quiet.
So I messaged blondie say its so so quiet.
He called me immediately and accompanied me home through the phone.

It feels weird to see your bf 5mins everyday.
Yesterday he came to collect all the cartons, but he couldn't lay a finger on me cause its MY office.
And my bosses were roaming around.

I think I'll be seeing Yun today.
She's like, having an interview in my company.

I think my eating disorder is back.
I don't feel like eating ANYTHING even when I'm totally hungry and my tummy is protesting.
And when I do eat something (I have to, doing muscle jobs daily) I ate like only half and felt like vomitting afterwards.

The last time I felt this way was when I was working in Cottage Pies.
I thought office jobs are supposed to make you hungry.

This is not voluntary diet loh.

PS: Hui, don't overwork.
PSS: Tong, get well soon, u ain't supposed to diet when u're sick lo!

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