Friday, June 13, 2008

I must remind myself to update tonight.
I wanted to, last night but I forgot allllllllllllll about it.


Met up with my YRYB yesterday for dinner, and TCC.
I miss them LOADS can!

*Gives every a huge hug*
I'll be back to update more pictures and all!


Blondie showed some jealousy yesterday when his friend from another team was talking alot to me.
He happened to be ard to collect someone else's stuff so he kept checking at my area to see what he was doing with me.

He couldn't stand me laughing with his friend so he was like "He disturb you, tell me ah!" right in front of everyone.
Using his 7 years in job status hahaha.

Then he sms me asked if that friend disturb me.
I say, chatting, you not happy ah.

He say, AH BO DEN.



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