Thursday, June 05, 2008

Some overdued pictures:

Singing Tui Hou.

A very amusing Xue Wei.
This was taken before our stage performance.
I told Wei, the best way to cure nervousness is to CAMWHORE.

And I took this today.
I look darn tired.
I am, lah.

Today isn't at all a good day for.
Other than seeing Yun today, *hugs daughter*
and kailin spotted my blondie in IP (he said he wanted to kiss me but he's worried I'll get angry haha)
My day basically sucked.

I am overworked.
My arm hurts alot to be honest, but I acted as if nothing is wrong.
Even blondie doesn't know.
I guess I'm just trying way too hard.

No entertainment these days.
Only thing to look forward to is lunch and blondie.

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