Sunday, June 15, 2008

I'm SUPER tired!

We had a family gathering todaaaaaaaay!
So I woke like, 7am to prepare and headed towards...

Pasir Ris Paaaaaaark!
Oh man, its darn humid today!
No wind!
What's a beach without sea breeze!

But anyway,
today is a gathering for my mum's side...

And the first time ever since my popo left us.
Ironically we've only decide to have a gathering AFTER her departure.
But we won't break apart.

Let pictures do the talking!

Candid photo by my small aunt.
My legs look super long here!

Proper picture.
Please don't ask me why my legs are like so open.
Machiam giving birth.

My big aunt and I.
We look like sisters ya?
We do look alike la.
I look like my popo too.
The female genes man.

We did not rape that coconut tree.

My mum's ultimate weapon: Paper fan!
Too darn hot today.

My aunties and my mum ah...
They were so impressed by my camwhoring skills, they decided to try the way I did.

Imagine, three 40years old aunties with KIDS...
All lifting their phones tilting down 45degrees and camwhoring...

Its such an interesting scene lah!

And all below are my NIANG!

We headed back to my big aunt's house for some karaoke session.
My small uncle got this karaoke machine from China and its like so zai!
You can select multiple song from the inbuilt song library!
And its like 5000songs inside!
Almost all are original karaoke, just no mv, only sceneries.
But its soooooo zai!

Machiam Kbox!

We sang our hearts out.
From like 2pm till 8pm?
From latest songs all the way to Teresa Teng's songs.
Damn fun!

Had dinner at Elias Mall before heading hooooooome.
Its a good day today!



Can't help but think a little here and there.
Dreading work tomorrow.
Just because we met there.
Its pretty disgusting to have that aftertaste in my heart.

But I'm fine.
I will be!

FLirt with me, guys!

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