Friday, June 13, 2008

I should have known.
Actually, I do know.

Now that its evident,
I can let it go.

No more disappearence.
No more worrying.

Hey you,
Thank you for two timing me.
Your gf was good enough to let me talk to you.
I'm sure I won't think of you anymore.

All along,
I knew it,
I told my friends,
Surely you have quite some other flings.
Ended up: I was one of your flings.

Now it all made sense.
Those times you ensure me your friends need you.
Those times you told me you dozed off.
Well, you made me a third party.

My readers,
I felt cheated.
I am cheated.
But I'm fine.
It all made sense now.
I got something off my chest.
I won't think much of it anymore.

Bye, Blondie.
At least I didn't give my heart and soul to you.
I'm glad I trusted my instincts all along.

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