Saturday, June 14, 2008

Boo morning everyone!

Surprisingly I'm totally OKAY.
I slept rather well (Other than dreaming about being in love with someone i know)
My eyes didn't swell from yesterday's crying, which means I didn't even cry much.
And I look like the normal, single Jeslene Lee.

I'm glad.

Now that I don't have to wait desperately for someone's call,
My phone can lie peacefully on the nightstand FAR FAR AWAY from me with its charger.
And I, can blog peacefully here even if I put it on silent mode.

Its such a relief.
To regain back my status.
Now that everything is over...
Whatever that will be happening next is their business.

As for me...
I just have to stop thinking back...
Concentrate on being myself...
Smile if I ever see him...

And forget I ever have this so called relationship.
But hey did we even start?
Shrugs man.

Really, I'm okay.
Its pretty weird.
But now that everything made perfect sense...
I knew it wasn't my fault.
So of course I feel better than you know, jerks and all. =P

Jeslene Lee is back.
The vixen is back.

And you know what?

(Any cute guys ard please sppear =X)

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