Monday, June 09, 2008

I see even when Im not updating, still got people wondering what happened ah...

You can say he dua-ed me.
He almost did lah.
The day before I couldn't find him.
13 missed calls.
Scared the hell outta me.
I thought he's fooling around again.
Yes I have that little trust in him.

He called at 7am, to apologise.
Sorry sorry sorry.
So deafening.
I was crying la, paiseh.
I was darn relief, darn wei qu.
Scared the hell outta him too.

I eve called his HOUSE to find him k.
Was told by his sister that he locked his room.
Started to think here think there think everywhere.
He told me to stop thinking anywhere.
I say, try lah.

Is it so hard for me to trust him?
Yes, actually.
I just don't know him yet.
Other than his lips, eyes, face, body...
And some character...
There's still loads more to know before we can move on.

He came to Tamp on Sunday.
But he left within 45mins cause "My friends need me."
Being guilty and all, he was persuaded by me to leave.
I don't want to have a date who's brain isn't on me anyway.
He promised me to go to the zoo, this Sunday.
I doubt this promise.
He always have a system shutdown on sundays.

Office rendezvous just now.
....As usual actually.
5mins of meeting up.
Maybe we should stay this way.

Happy one week, yes ONE WEEK, baby.
I still miss you loads even if we aren't proven to be meant to be.

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